What Bait To Use For Rainbow Trout

When it comes to fishing for rainbow trout, one of the most important things to consider is what type of bait you are going to use. Below, I will draw upon my twenty plus years of experience fishing for these beautiful fish to outline a few of the most effective baits to use when fishing for for rainbow trout, so that you can make sure that you have one or all of them available to you the next time that you head our onto the water in search of our friends known as “rainbows”. Raibow trout

The choice as to which one of these baits is the best is based largely upon the trout fishing technique that you enjoy most and the type of water that you are fishing, but make no mistake about it, all of these baits are effective when it comes to fishing for the beautiful rainbow trout. Using any or all of these baits will no doubt make you a much more successful angler.

Anyone who is the least bit familiar with this species of fish knows how much trout love to eat insects, so the first bait that I want to discuss is the artificial fly. Artificial flies are the best way to mimic a live insect and make an excellent bait to use when it comes to fishing for rainbow trout. Artificial flies can be fished while using traditional fly fishing gear and can also be used by spin fishermen by utilizing something called a fly fishing bubble, but the bottom line is that these little artificial bugs make an excellent bait to use when it comes to fishing for rainbow trout.

Next we have the incredibly popular bait known as the live fishing worm, which is also an excellent bait to use when fishing for “rainbows”. This fact is especially true when it comes to trout fishing in a small river or stream when you are utilizing a technique known as drift fishing. Live fishing worms have been my “go to” rainbow trout bait for most of my trout fishing “career” (if you can call what I do a “career”?).

How about the micro jig? Although you might not be familiar with the micro jig as a rainbow trout bait, you should be. These tiny little jigs (usually 1/32 or 1/64 ounce) are normally fished under a small foam float in both lakes and rivers for hungry rainbow trout. Both marabou and plastic skirt style bodies are effective bait choices for these beautiful fish.

Finally we have the old standby known as Powerbait. When it comes to the best bait to use for rainbow trout that have been stocked or planted into a lake for the express purpose of being caught by anglers, Powerbait can be a difficult trout bait choice to beat. If you are fishing in a lake or pond that has been stocked with rainbow trout, Powerbait is as effective a trout bait choice as there is.

The bottom line is that when is comes to fishing for rainbows all of the aforementioned bait choices are effective, so make sure that one (or all) of them are a part of your trout fishing arsenal sooner, rather than later.


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